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Learning How to Learn

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Learning How to Learn

Make the most of the little time you have...

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·Nov 5, 2022·

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When it comes to self-teaching it's often the case that you will fall into hours of unproductive study. It may even be the case that you have forgotten how to study completely! The three methods outlined below will get you back on track...


What is chunking and why is it an effective learning technique?

Chunking is a learning technique that can help you better understand and remember information. By breaking down information into smaller, more manageable pieces, you can better process and recall the information. There are a few different ways to chunk information, such as using mnemonic devices or creating meaningful groups. Ultimately, chunking is an effective learning technique because it helps you process and recall information more effectively.

jexo--Gy7GjLy-Vs-unsplash.jpg How can you use retrieval to improve your learning?

Retrieval is an important part of learning and can be used to help improve your memory. Here are some tips on how to use retrieval effectively:

Make sure to vary the types of retrieval exercises you do. This will challenge your brain in new ways and help you learn more information.

Use retrieval techniques when you are struggling with a task. By using strategies like mental imagery or flashcards, you can help yourself remember the information better.

Think about what you want to remember when trying to retrieve information. If you know the material very well, try using visualisation techniques or mnemonic devices to help yourself remember it better.

Be patient with yourself – learning something new takes time and practice! don't get discouraged if you find it hard at first; keep practicing, and eventually retrieval will become easier for you!

aaron-burden-QJDzYT_K8Xg-unsplash.jpg Why is spaced repetition a powerful tool for learning?

Spaced repetition is a powerful tool for learning because it allows you to review information at increasingly longer intervals. By spacing out your review, you can better retain the information and have it available when you need it. Additionally, spaced repetition is a great way to learn new material, as it allows you to focus on one thing at a time and gradually build up your understanding. Finally, spaced repetition is flexible and can be adapted to suit your individual needs – so if you find yourself struggling with a particular concept, you can space out your reviews more frequently until you feel confident with the material.

I hope these methods prove to be beneficial on your self-taught journey, I wish you all the best and good luck with your studies!

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